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You are about to enter the technical information area reserved for independent operators. There is a charge for this service.
The rates indicated below allow independent operators to access technical information:
By selecting this option, access to service-related information at a fixed price is ensured for all on-line information described in the Site Map.
The software can be downloaded free of charge, but the licenses to use them are subject to a fee.





Rates for purchasing an access membership to the website




Euro €



1 day



299.00 + VAT


30 days



900.00 + VAT


365 days



7,660.00 + VAT






Software license rates




Euro €



30 days



1,552.00 + VAT


365 days



3,560.00 + VAT





Advantages are immediate:


 Unlimited consultation for the duration of the time purchased
 Immediate availability of the information required
 Opportunity to work on-line with updated technical data


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