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1. How much does it cost to use the Lamborghini portal?
Costs depend on the length of access period required. Access to all on-line service information can be purchased for a day, month or even a year.

2. How do I receive a password?
After you register, the password will be sent automatically to your e-mail address.

3. Forgot your password?
In this case, go to the page Forgot your password? . Enter the e-mail address usede for registration and click Send. You will  be sent an e-mail with a new password that can be changed after the first login.

4. Login unsuccessful!
Ensure you have correctly entered your e-mail address and password. Password information is case sensitive so ensure you properly enter any capital and small letters.

5. Problem with Acrobat Reader

To use the Lamborghini portal the following is required:

- Internet Explorer 7.0 or a later version.

Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0 or later version.


6. The document opens but only one page can be read.
Problems may arise when reading documents with an earlier version of Acrobat Reader 7.0. Install an updated version of Acrobat Reader which is available free of charge.

7. Why can’t I order Lamborghini spare parts?
To be able to order original Lamborghini spare parts you should contact authorized Lamborghini Dealers.

8. How much time is required between registration and activation?
Generally just a few seconds, thanks to the direct on-line validation of the credit card.

9. Problems occur when opening a document. I think it may depend on AntiVirus or Firewall as some of the error messages that appeared are from these programs.

Certain antivirus programs may be incompatible with the software and can block the correct display of protected content.

If this occurs, the settings in your antivirus system must be revised.

10.What do I need to perform the diagnostics procedures on Lamborghini vehicles?

A personal computer, software that can be downloaded from the download section and vehicle connection interfaces complying with SAE J2534 or SAE J2534-1 standard.

Commercial interfaces successfully tested by Lamborghini are show here.

11. If I pay a fee to use the Lamborghini portal, will I have access to all the software it contains?
No, the related licenses must be purchased to use the software.

12. How can I obtain the software?

- the software for reprogramming the engine (starting with MY07) and the gearbox (starting with MY 08) on Gallardo and Murciélago can be downloaded from this site upon payment of a fee.
- The software for reprogramming the Immobilizer on Gallardo USA (starting with MY10) can be downloaded from the erWin website

13. How can I get the software licenses?

The license for the software to reprogram the Gallardo Immobilizer starting with the MY10 can be purchased on the erWin  website, while the licenses for the engine and gearbox diagnostics software for all MYs can be purchased on this site in the download section.

14. Can the license for reprogramming the Gallardo Immobilizer software - starting with the MY10 - only be used for a limited time?
Yes, the license allows the software to be used for 24 hours after purchase.

15. Are the other licenses for the diagnostics software also restricted?
Yes, but in this case, the license validity period can be chosen. (30 days or 365 days)

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